Mock-up for Patterned Papers

Finally found a perfect mock-up for patterned papers.
Even better I found it for $1 only. 

Where? On Design Bundles of course. In the last post, I wrote about the biggest sale event which happens only one time a year. If you need graphics, fonts, mock-ups or anything digital for your crafts or blogs, go there and dig, Believe me, you can find really great things for only $1.

 Patterned Papers by ArigigiPixel

Ok, what is so special about this mock-up. I really try a lot of mock-up and use them every day.
This one is special because I can use a FREE online photo editor that supports one really great tool with the name ''smart objects''. Usually, for working with the ''smart objects'' you exclusive need Photoshop. But not everybody has Photoshop. And this is a perfect alternative for Photoshop.

OK, instead of using Photoshop there is an online photo editor with the name Photopea.
And of course, because it is free it has not all features and fancy tools as Photoshop but it is useful.

And when I find a mock-up on which layers are greatly organized and contain filters recognizable with Photopea I'm in haven. For me buying a mock-ups is a lottery because I never know what I'll get.
But this one is really great.

OK, OK I know this image needs a final touch but I was so excited so I must share it as is :)

This post contains an affiliate link which will cover some costs of my online business.

Useful links:
- FREE online photo editor PHOTOPEA
- mock-up for pillows and fabrics (affiliate link )
- seamless digital papers used in the photo
- Black Friday Sale on Design Bundles ( affiliate link)

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  1. Very interesting info! Thanks for sharing. I mostly use Photoshop but I'm always open for new ideas :D

  2. thank you for information about Photopea - I have to have closer look at it :)

  3. thank you so much for this news

  4. I had not heard of Photopea, thans for the link!


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