How to Install a Font in Windows 10?

How to Install a Font in Windows 10? You will say: ''This is a stupid question''.
I will too, ... but there is a little step in between that can cost you nerves.

I was installed tons of fonts. As a graphic designer, I always looking for nice and readable font, especially free fonts are welcome :) Installing fonts always been very simple.
For this example, I downloaded the font Yeseva One from the Font Squirrel site.

I clicked the download button and in the right corner of my browser appeared the icon of a zipped folder. I clicked on that icon and that immediately showed me content.

Then, as usual, I clicked on a small icon with letter A ( font icon ) to open the font file.
The next step was to click on the install button. That was the way the font installing which usually worked for me.

But not anymore. I went to the WPS Office program ( an alternative to MS Office ) looking for my font.
And the font wasn't there. Shock :)

After spending some time to solve the problem I find what is missing. It is not a big deal when you learned it, but the first time it cost me nerves.

Ok. Here is what you have to do if you will ever have this problem.

  • In the left lower corner of your screen, you have a little search icon
  • Click and type %windir%\fonts (or copy from here)
  • That will rise up a new window and in the right menu click Open file location.
  • In the files, open the menu of the Fonts folder. Keep this window open.
  • At the same time open a folder where are your downloaded fonts.
  • Extract the font file from the zipped folder.
  • Copy ( or drag 'n' drop) the font file to the Windows fonts folder.

 As you can see it is not a big deal once you figure out how. 
I wrote this post for you as for me. Sometimes I need a little reminder of what I have to do next.
Hope this helps you!

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  1. Ha ha...I am a graphic designer too and I keep having to look how to do this too !

  2. Awesome, thanks for sharing!

  3. I like to use different fonts. thank


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