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How to edit Word Docx without MS Office?

Learn how to edit Word Docx without MS Office. If you do not have any Word document here is a FREE template for 2.5 inches labels with doodle flowers. I have to apologize to you. It passed some times from my last post. How are you? Do you work from home? I am used to working from home, but when everybody else is out. It is quite a difference working from the full house .   Ok, watch the video to see how you can edit the text in MS Word document if you do not have MS Office. This is one way, there are more applications, but this one is FREE, and you can do it from everywhere on any device. All you need is a Google account and installed Google Drive. When you upload your document on Google Drive you can edit it with Google Docs. Please watch the video below!   Of course, you need a Word Docx file to test what you can see in the video, and for that here is a FREEBIE, a labels template. You can make labels or gift tags with a personalized test. Use these labels and tags fo

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