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Shoppable Blog Wanted

I want to make a shoppable blog on a budget. Probably you too. If you have read my previous post you already know that I want to go as possible far away from Etsy. If you have a shop on Etsy you understand why, and there is no need to particularly explain the reasons. Let just say it not that Etsy used to be.     But where else to sell? I have a shop on Design Bundles, Creative Fabrica and Society6 and probably a few more neglected shops. Yes, I love to test them all. They all have their own pros and cons.    But I also want my own web place with the costs as low as possible. So I decided to turn my Google Blogger into a shoppable website.
   I purchased a domain. And believe me, it is the cheapest thing in all websites making stories. When you sell digital products you will also need a virtual place to store your files and you will need a file delivery system. I decided to use Gumroad. There is a free and paid version of Gumroad. Not yet decided which one will I use. If you inte…

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