Our First Catalog and Freebie

Last week we published our first catalog ever.

We wanted to share at a glance demo links and shoppable links for our printables.
As you know we sell all kinds of online editable printables. The idea was to quickly share our products without so much scrolling forth and back.

Today we updated the catalog with a freebie. 

Freebie Schedule Coloring Page by Print Cut Hang

We plan to make a big catalog with all our printables. But that needs time. At the moment we only published a few items with ''back to school'' theme.

Besides the free PDF, you will also find the coupon code LOVE15. Links will automatically send you to our Etsy shop but the discount works both on our Etsy and on our Pattern shop.
OK, wherever you go at checkout type LOVE15 and you will get a 15 % discount.

Back to School Catalog by Print Cut Hang

Want to know when the next post will be published?


  1. creating a catalog is an important thing. waiting with impatience

  2. nice! a catalogue always is super handy :)


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