Be Thankful FREE Printable Gift Tags

Yes, be thankful!

It is good to remember that there is always something you have to be thankful for.
Yes, I know that we always want better, faster, more...
But it is good to know that it can be worse, slower, less...and be happy for what we are, we have and we can still do.
OK, this is not a homily, but when we are in a bad mood it is good to recall how lucky we are.
OK, I do not preach any more :)

Here is a FREE printable PDF file with interactive text forms just in case if you want to personalize these tags.

Happy Thanksgiving!

''Be Thankful'' Free Printable Editable PDF File

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  1. Great freebie! Thanks for sharing it :)

  2. I love such things. looks charming

  3. so very true, but often not that easy to live by!

  4. Maybe I need this. It's really something I struggle with these days...Lovely design.


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