Affordable Domain Transfer

Last year opened an Etsy Pattern site and also bought a domain for that site.
The one good thing with Etsy Pattern is that it handles sales taxes for digital goods. That was my main reason too.
Recently, I closed up this site, but I'm still the owner of the domain '' '' so I realized that I have to transfer it somehow and somewhere.

After a little bit of searching, I found a really affordable site for domain transfer and web hosting.
This site is Hostinger. The domain transfer was easy and cost me less than $2. Another good thing is that you can pay for that in the local currency. Hostinger also has very affordable web hosting plans.
But about that, I'll think one other day.

Also, to my surprise, I get a one-year renewal. All that for less than 2 $ (VAT included).
Of course, the next renewal will not be so affordable. It will be about 30 $.

So you ask why I did not connect this domain with Google Blogger.  Simply because the Blogger does not allow these kinds of extensions.

So my today tips are:
1.) think twice about the name you choose for your website
2.) do not choose fancy extensions

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  1. what advice can you give for names?

  2. I think that something short is better than long. The name is always tricky, you have to Google it , if it is taken, trademarked, ...
    Usually all names that people usually type in search are already taken ( in case that you want descriptive name). It seams ( speaking about extensions ) that ''.com'' is the best (and traditional ) choice.

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