New Appearance of My Blog

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   As you notice the appearance of my blog has changed. Of course, it has not changed on its own.
I'll say it proudly I change it.

   As you read my last post, I said that I want a shop shoppable Google Blogger Blog. Or at least something that looks like e-commerce.
   So there was a need to make navigation through the blog more user-friendly.

   I hope you understand that I'm not an expert and that is my learning curve. Maybe for a few months, the thing on which I proud at the moment will be ridiculous. Maybe I also write some nonsense.
   I just want to be clear that I'm not somebody who knows everything, and that you always can ask Google for ''second opinion''.

   Ok. In my last post, I mentioned that I found a site where you can learn and try some web coding.
That site is I also found that I do not need to start to learn to code from the beginning and fundamentals. You have to understand, it is not a bad way to start from fundamentals, but there is no time. I need codes ASAP and the codes have to be easy to adapt and easy to copy-paste to my blog. And it seems that I found a perfect place.

   On, you can search by programing language HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT...if you want.
   My preferred part is HOW-TO. On the left side, you have a menu with let's say ''parts of the website''. As you noticed I add some ''buttons'', ''top nav menu'' and ''slideshow'' to my blog. All that thanks to And I also use ''galleries'' in a lot of pages.

   What can you do for your blog?

   Let's say you want to add a slider show to your blog! Look for '' slider show '' on the left side menu. You will find several examples and each has a ''Try it yourself !'' button. When clicking on it, in the new window, you will find on the left side codes and on the right site the appearance.

   Whatever you change in the code you can test but click on the '' run'' button. If you do not like the changes, you can go back to the previous window and hit again ''Try it yourself !'' button and start and start again. If you like the changes you can save the code and copy-paste it to your site.

That was just an example.

   I hope that what I write here helps you a little in case you want to change the look of your blog.
Of course, if you want to know more about coding you can also try these sites:

New Appearance of my Blog 5 by Print Cut Hang

If you want to share any useful tool, please post your links in the comments. I'll be very appreciated.

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  1. I learned some from w3schools years ago. Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 10, open March 1 to 26. All entries shared on social media if share buttons installed. I invite you to my Themed Linkup 12 for Crock Pot and Instant Pot Recipes, open February 28 to March 10 if you have any appropriate posts. Won’t you join me at my Short Story Prompt Party for fun and creativity? Open March 2 to 9. Just start typing, see what you come up with! Remember, no story is too short! The prompt is: I woke from a long nap to see…

  2. Thanks for the links, your blog looks very fresh!

  3. I love w3schools, they are so handy! Even if you don't build your site from scratch, you'll always need to tweak it so I use that website a lot.
    Lovely fresh blog, good job :)

  4. Super! It looks very very pretty.

  5. Thanks a lot @Stephanie and @Natalya ♥


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