Daily Freebie Day 18 - Happy International Women's Day

Daily Freebie Day 18 International Women's Day

  The '' Daily Freebie Day 18'' is a set of chalk hand-drawn flowers clipart, plus blackboard background. This set is perfect for greetings and card making for women and with a feminine touch.

  The 8th of March is International Woman's Day, in some countries it is also accepted as an alternative for Mother's Day!

  I wish you a very happy 8th of March. Create some great cards and make a day for some important women in your life.

  If you create something of what you are so proud of, please share it with us!
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  PS. As you already know, the daily freebie lasts only about 24 hours, and after that, it will be replaced with some other product. The reason is that it is a regular product from our shop.

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Daily Freebie Day 18 - Happy International Women's Day (V)

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