Daily Freebie Day 46

Daily Freebie Day 46

The ''Daily Freebie Day 46'' is a set of 6 PNG files with seamless patterns. The main motifs are big yellow flowers with background os berries and leaves. This patter are originally made for Christmas. I really not sure if I even publish it. But the patterns look nice in spring colors too. They will give a nice feminine touch to any project.

As you already know, the daily freebie lasts only about 24 hours, and after that, it will be replaced with some other product. But because a lot of my followers said they can not catch up all freebies I decided to prolongate a free download to 48 hours.
The reason is that it is a regular product from our shop.

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How to download this FREEBIE?

Simply click on the image. That will open a window with more details. Under the name fair price $ type 0 (zero) and click '' add to cart '' button.

On the right upper corner, the freebie will appear in the shopping cart. Click on the '' pay '' button. Enter your email address and click the '' get '' button. You will see the ''view product'' button. When you click on it that will open a list of files included in this freebie and '' download '' button.

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Floral Patterns with big Yellow Flower

Daily Freebie Day 46

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